Volunteers play a key role in implementing Federal Hill Main Street's much-needed programs to support our local businesses.  There are many ways to get involved.

  • Help create virtual events and in-person events once it is safe
  • Share your special skills:
    • Marketing & Promotion
    • Photography (we need high-resolution photos of the neighborhood, businesses, and events
    • Architectural/urban development design skills
    • Grant writing skills
    • Gardening skills
    • Plan and implement a series of workshops for small businesses
    • Organize neighborhood cleanups, including graffiti removal, weed removal, and street/facade cleanups
    • Assist in planting and maintaining 100+ tree wells
    • Create a New Business Welcome kit for potential and/or new businesses

Please complete the form below if you are interested in volunteering.  We look forward to chatting with you soon about how you would like to be involved!  Thanks so much!

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The MD-SERI Emergency Relief Grant
for Federal Hill Main Street

Federal Hill Main Street (FHMS) has received Main Street grant funding from the Governor’s Maryland Strong Economic Recovery Initiative (MD-SERI) to provide COVID-19 relief for Federal Hill businesses located within the Federal Hill Main Street catchment area. This need-based grant funding will be awarded through a grant application process that Federal Hill Main Street will administer per the State’s directives. These grants are one-time awards and are not required to be paid back. Information collected during this application process will not be sold or made available to any entity, except for information required to be submitted to the State of Maryland to comply with grant reporting requirements.

Important Details

  • Each applicant must demonstrate a decrease in revenues and/or increase in expenses due to COVID-19 during the state-established timeframe of March 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.
  • Each applicant must currently be in Good Standing with the State.
  • Each applicant must pay an RBDL fee and/or be located within the FHMS catchment area.