Tree Pit Filling Initiative

Our community initiative is filling every tree pit in Federal Hill, enhancing the district's greenery and urban landscape.

Clean Streets Partnership with My Father's Plan

In collaboration with My Father's Plan, we ensure the cleanliness of our business district five days a week, fostering a welcoming environment for all.

Project Restore 2.0 Application

We are thrilled to announce that Federal Hill Main Street is a recipient of the Project Restore 2.0 grant! This significant milestone will greatly enhance our ability to support new businesses coming into our district, addressing the many vacancies in our area.

DHCD Safety Grant Application

We've sought support from the DHCD Safety Grant to assist businesses in implementing vital safety measures, prioritizing the well-being of our community.

Greening Our Business District in Partnership with Pinehurst Landscaping

In partnership with Pinehurst Landscaping, we ensure the greenery is managed in our business district. This means taking care of planters, sidewalk weeds, trees, and other flora.

Sidewalk Lighting

Last year, in an effort to increase safety in visibility in our business district, we put lights over the sidewalks across the entire business district.

The Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping local is essential to the vitality of a community. During the biggest purchasing season of the year, we work to highlight local businesses with a virtual holiday catalog.

Providing Small Business Grants through Partnerships

Through strategic partnerships, we facilitate grants for small business events, collaborations, and educational opportunities, empowering entrepreneurship and innovation in Federal Hill.

Community Events

Be sure to check our events page to see the upcoming local events we are hosting and sponsoring! 

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