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Federal Hill Main Street cultivates a strong sense of community and supports economic vitality in our local business district. We host signature community events, we clean and green our business district, we actively promote, attract, and support local businesses, and we make strategic investments to our community's public spaces.

Founded in 2001, Federal Hill Main Street serves the businesses located in the Federal Hill Business District. We are proud to be a partner of Baltimore Main Streets and one of the nine Main Street Communities in Baltimore.

Board of Directors

Comprised of both business owners and dedicated community members, our Board of Directors embodies a wide spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We embrace individuals of many races, gender expressions, and ages spanning from the vibrant twenties to the seasoned wisdom of the seventies. This diversity fosters an environment of mutual respect and collaboration in all our endeavors.


President: Justin Lane
Vice President: Nancy Mead
Secretary: Paul Snyder
Treasurer: Beth Whitmer


Executive Director: Taylor Schwartz


Meg Murray
Monesha Phillips
Kyle Conklin
Brett Wylie
Zac Blanchard
Robin Ingram
Matt Lazinski
Andrea Shelby

Currently, all board seats at Federal Hill Main Street are occupied; however, we warmly invite you to become involved by volunteering with us. Your contribution as a volunteer is invaluable in furthering our mission to strengthen our community and support our local business district.


FHMS operates as a force for positive change. Joining one of our committees is a fantastic way to get involved and make a difference in the Federal Hill community. Each committee, led by an FHMS board member, welcomes area residents and business members with relevant interests and skills.

If you're eager to contribute, reach out to execdirector@fedhill.org.

Finance: Upholding legal and ethical standards, this committee oversees fiscal responsibility to sustain our services for years to come.

Economic Vitality: Focusing on both existing businesses and new opportunities, this committee works to maintain a balanced commercial mix and attract ventures that meet market demands.

Design: Enhancing our district's aesthetic and functionality, this committee supports historic preservation, urban sustainability, and infrastructure improvements.

Promotion & Events: Marketing our district's unique offerings, events, and businesses, this committee aims to boost community pride and attract visitors and investors. 

Clean, Green and Safe: Emphasizing sustainability, this committee oversees initiatives to maintain cleanliness, expand green spaces, and ensure a welcoming environment for all stakeholders. Dedicated to promoting safety, we collaborate with law enforcement to increase foot patrols and visibility, support affected businesses, advocate for citations, and facilitate public safety meetings. We also pursue grants for local safety measures.

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