Visit the Cross Street Market

The Cross Street Market, located at 1065 S Charles Street, is a historic marketplace built in the 19th century in Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland. It runs the full length of E Cross Street between Light Street and S Charles Street. The Market is open daily, and continues to serve residents and visitors as a primary social and commercial hub for the neighborhood. Twenty (20) independently owned and operated businesses are located in the Market, and it is also home to the Cross Street Farmer’s Market which runs Saturday May – October.

The original Market was built in the Mid-1800’s. In 1871, it was redesigned and rebuilt as a two story Revival style structure, with the Market on the ground floor and meeting space on the upper floor, with adjacent open air stalls.

On May 19, 1951, an early morning 12 alarm fire started in the main building and ultimately destroyed the entire Market structure. On November 19, 1952, the Cross Street Market reopened as a one story, 31,800 sq. feet structure, similar to today’s architecture. In 2018, the Market underwent a full renovation and reopened in May of 2019. The building’s renovations included a full restoration of the entrances on S Charles and Light Streets, to closely resemble the 1950’s design. The Market was redesigned to incorporate lively indoor and outdoor dining spaces with a thoughtfully curated mix of vendors.

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The MD-SERI Emergency Relief Grant
for Federal Hill Main Street

Federal Hill Main Street (FHMS) has received Main Street grant funding from the Governor’s Maryland Strong Economic Recovery Initiative (MD-SERI) to provide COVID-19 relief for Federal Hill businesses located within the Federal Hill Main Street catchment area. This need-based grant funding will be awarded through a grant application process that Federal Hill Main Street will administer per the State’s directives. These grants are one-time awards and are not required to be paid back. Information collected during this application process will not be sold or made available to any entity, except for information required to be submitted to the State of Maryland to comply with grant reporting requirements.

Important Details

  • Each applicant must demonstrate a decrease in revenues and/or increase in expenses due to COVID-19 during the state-established timeframe of March 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.
  • Each applicant must currently be in Good Standing with the State.
  • Each applicant must pay an RBDL fee and/or be located within the FHMS catchment area.