Visit Federal Hill Park

Federal Hill Park looms high above the inner harbor in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. The park is well known for its stunning views of Baltimore’s downtown and Harbor East skylines along with the Patapsco River and is a very popular place for photographs. This iconic park is well used by the residents of Federal Hill along with tourists and it has a rich history. Given the advantage of the park’s high perch looking over the Patapsco River, the parkland served as a defensive position for Union troops during the War of 1812 and as a fort for Union troops in the Civil War.

Federal Hill Park is relatively small at only 8.5 acres at its base and 4.5 acres at its plateau. The flat upper portion of the park is dominated by a unique, very well-maintained playground and (mostly) shaded lawns surrounded by walking paths on the perimeter to take in the gorgeous views. Another tiered walking/jogging path surrounds a lower tier of the park with a basketball court at the bottom.

For residents and tourists alike, Federal Hill Park is a worthy destination for a visit. Considering it is just across the street from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and located near the trendy restaurants and bars in Federal Hill, it is a very convenient place to stop for some great views of Baltimore.

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