2021 Accomplishments

  • Outside Dining:  Secured permit and grant funding to set up outside dining.
  • Pedestrian Zone: Created pedestrian-only community space on the north side of E Cross St.
  • Sanitation:  Received funding to clean the business district 5 days a week – year-round.
  • Beautification:  Planted and maintained 120 commercial urns.
  • COVID-19 Emergency Funding:  Researched and shared COVID relief funding opportunities.
  • Grants:  Secured over $450,000 in grant funding, including $274,530 in pass-thru grant funding for Fed Hill Main Street businesses
  • Events: Hosted 2 family-friendly holiday events, and free weekly entertainment summer thru October.
  • Community Outreach:  The Board is committed to collaboratively working together with our surrounding neighborhoods to ensure our programs align with their needs.

Happy Holidays!

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